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A small supermarket price label plays an important role

A small supermarket price label plays an important role

Commodity management covers the selection of goods, displays, price tags, etc. In the daily store management, most of the clerk is only sorting out the display of goods, but did not find it, in fact, the role of a small price tag is very big.

The price tag seems to simply display the price of the product, but it is actually another way to communicate with the consumer. How to make your product "speak by itself" through a small supermarket price label?

labels tag

The color tone of the price tag should be related to the main color of the store. For example, Watsons, the price tag of the entire store is mainly blue, so that consumers can see clearly in a glance.

price label

 In addition, the color of the price tag can be used in different colors to distinguish between regular-priced products and good-selling products.

price sticker

Although the price tag is only a small piece of paper, it is still very useful, and it allows consumers to understand the product more intuitively in different ways.

labels tag

Therefore, in the daily management of supermarket stores, attention should be paid to the management and use of labels.

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