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Classification Of Medical Labels

Classification Of Medical Labels

Classification of medical labels:

Blood bag label

China's demand for blood bag labels has soared. Not only from the needs of patients, many enterprises and public institutions need to test the blood composition during the physical examination, at this time also need blood bag label. The blood bag label must pass the RoHS certification of the quality certification center and the non-toxic test of the Chinese disease headquarters.

medical label

pill bottle labels

Low penetration label

The LDPE bottle label of filling liquid pharmaceutical products will have the risk of adhesive penetration. Therefore, this requires a label of low or even no permeability.

medicine label

Small diameter label

In the pharmaceutical industry and medical care products industry, there are many small diameter packaging less than 15mm. Drugs are becoming more concentrated, so there is more demand for small-bore packaging. Accordingly, this drives the demand for small calibre labels.

medical label

Low temperature label

The laboratory has a high requirement for ultra-low temperature preservation environmental label, such as the storage temperature of dry ice is -80, liquid nitrogen is -196, the use of ordinary sticker can not meet this requirement, must use low-temperature sticker.

pill bottle labels

Fluorescent labels

Each drug should be clearly identified by a digital printing press to facilitate quality tracking and traceability. Therefore, code tags are often used for identification. In order for the rate of missed labels to be zero, the relevant personnel need to check each product to make sure that it is labeled. White code labels are relatively easy to detect, but for transparent film code labels printed packaging, you need to have a fluorescent pattern printed on the surface of the adhesive material, or for the adhesive material itself to give a fluorescent effect, this is a fluorescent label.

Security labels

Security label is very important to ensure the authenticity and security of medical products.


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