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How can self-adhesive labels be stored for longer?

How can self-adhesive labels be stored for longer?

As we all know, nowadays self-adhesive labels are widely used in the retail, food and drug, cosmetics, electronics and manufacturing industries. In some industries, the absence of labels often affects production and sales, so many companies tend to prepare a large number of self-adhesive labels or self-adhesive printing papers to meet their needs. However, the storage time of the self-adhesive label is limited. If the time is too long, the adhesives will fail and become dry and lose its viscosity which will be accelerated by unreasonable preservation methods. How to store the self-adhesive labels properly? Winbo Rommer believes that the following points should be noted for the storage of self-adhesive labels:

1. Self-adhesive stickers should be protected from direct sunlight, as well as from moisture, sunshine, high temperature and ultralow temperature.

2. Printed labels should be layered after packaging, not overloaded, to prevent glue penetration and adhesion.

3. They can be stored for one year at 23±2°C and RH65±5% relative humidity, and some glue can be stored for two years.

4. When the stickers are stored, they should be sealed with moisture-proof paper or film packaging, with vertical stacking for roll and flat storage for sheet. And the height of each board should not exceed 1m, and the goods should be 10cm or more above the ground (wooden block).

5. The label should be packed in an outer package. It is suggested that the plastic film be sealed and packed again after each use. It can also provide better storage conditions for the label.

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