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How To Choose Self-adhesive Material When Make Food Labels?

How To Choose Self-adhesive Material When Make Food Labels?

Due to more attention to food safety and higher requirements, some countries have strengthened the regulation of food packaging. The implementation of nutrition labeling regulations, indirect additive regulations, etc. to promote degradable packaging, electronic scanning barcodes, etc., are promoting the new development of food packaging.

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Food label design and production points

Product packaging is inseparable from labels, and different products have different requirements for labels. Due to the wide variety of food packaging, labels for a variety of materials are used in food packaging. In addition, due to the diversity of foods (liquid foods such as fish , liquid foods such as wine and beverages, fruits and vegetables, cooked foods, etc.), packaging and transportation requirements are different. There are also great differences in printing requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of different food packaging and fully grasp the technical requirements of label printing to produce high quality food labels.

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Problems to be awared of when design label content

There are certain differences between food labels and other labels. In addition to being the identity of food products, they must also meet the requirements of environmental protection and sanitation. For some high-end products, there must be corresponding anti-counterfeiting functions. In addition, the food label is also required to have grease-resistant properties, and the label should be sufficiently viscous on cold and wet surfaces as well as in deep freeze storage.

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Selection of inks in label printing

In addition to the general adhesion to the substrate, wear resistance, and hygiene and safety, the requirements for ink label printing have different requirements for labels due to the wide variety of foods, different properties, and characteristics of different foods. For example, some foods require labels to be resistant to sterilization and boiled processing. Some require labels with strong freeze resistance and heat resistance to ensure that ink does not fall off during condensation or storage. Some even Also use special anti-counterfeiting inks, etc.

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The performance indicators of label printing inks mainly include hue, fineness, saturation, gloss, adhesion, viscosity, and dryness. These properties have a significant impact on the printing process and print quality.

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