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In Daily Life, Low Temperature Resistant Labels Are Mainly Used In What Industries?

In Daily Life, Low Temperature Resistant Labels Are Mainly Used In What Industries?

Low-temperature resistant label can withstand all kinds of low temperature condition, the surface material has the very strong low temperature resistant function and adhesives, can work in long - 80 environment. Good low-temperature resistant label adopts avirulent, harmless, environmentally friendly concept . It has excellent printing and writing characteristics, which is widely used in biomedical, medical ,food, liquid nitrogen freezing and other low temperature environments.

low-temperature resistant label

Generally speaking, low-temperature resistant labels are made of PET, PP, thermosensitive PP, PVC, synthetic paper, nylon cloth and other materials. The labels have the following characteristics:

1.They can be used in the environment of -196~200, no shedding, no brittle, no deformation.

2.They have excellent solvent resistance, biochemical corrosion resistance, uv light resistance, weather resistance.

3. Stable material characteristics ensure clear label information, high reading rate and long storage time.

4. Excellent surface coating technology provides excellent ink adhesion and adapts to various printing methods such as heat transfer.

 In daily life, low temperature resistant labels are mainly used in what industries?

1. Pharmaceutical industry: including test tube label, blood bag label, laboratory label, etc.


2. Food industry: including food bag label, cold storage label, etc.;

synthetic paper

Frozen food refers to food raw materials with qualified quality that are processed properly, frozen at -30, stored and circulated at -18 or lower after packaging. Due to the whole process of low-temperature cold-chain storage, the labels on frozen food need to adopt customized low-temperature resistant labels

low-temperature resistant label

3. Industrial industry:  including  outdoor  equipment  industrial  laboratory, etc.;


4. Chemical industry: including chemical laboratories, reagent labels, etc.


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