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Industrial Application of Self-adhesive Label

Industrial Application of Self-adhesive Label

Self-adhesive label, also called instant sticker, pressure sensitive paper, etc, is a kind of composite material with paper, film or special material as fabric, back coated with adhesive and silicon-coated base paper as protective paper. It becomes finished label product after being processed by printing, die cutting and so on. When applied, it can be attached to the surface of various substrates just by peeling off from the base paper and pressing lightly, or it can be automatically labeled on the production line by using labeling machine.

Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping, no pollution, saving labeling time and so on. They are widely used, convenient and fast. All kinds of self-adhesive labels can be applied to materials for which general paper labels are incompetent. It can be said that the self-adhesive label is a versatile label. The printing of adhesive labels is quite different from traditional printing. They are usually printed and processed on the label linkage with multiple operations completed at one time, such as graphic printing, die cutting, waste removal, cutting and rewinding, etc. It can be seen that the self-adhesive label has higher requirements for printing technology and printing equipment.

The application field of self-adhesive labels:

1.       Daily chemical industry

It is learned that at present, more than 30% of daily chemical products use adhesive labels as labels. And according to statistics, the self-adhesive labels on the market are still growing rapidly in the daily chemical industry and have been used more widely. The label materials will also develop towards a direction of high level and diversification. As we all know, daily chemical products have high added value, so there are many brands and fierce competition. When consumers choose a product among a wide range of commodities, product packaging is the key factor to attract consumers. And the most important thing of daily chemical product packaging is the label, thus the delicacy of label plays a key role. Self-adhesive labels can perfectly reflect the requirements of labels.

self-adhesive label

2.       Pharmaceuticals industry

Nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry has higher and higher requirements for the standardization of drug packaging in either hygiene or aesthetics. On the premise that the adhesive materials meet the hygienic standard, the self-adhesive labels can well meet the needs of drug packaging. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical industry has high production requirements, fast flow operation, many medicine bottles need automatic labeling to meet the requirements when labeling; on the other hand, self-adhesive labels are suitable for various printing methods. With clear graphics and neat and strong sticky effect, self-adhesive labels can meet the market requirements for drug packaging. In the booming period of OTC, consumers certainly have higher and higher requirements for drug packaging. They hope that label is not only a description, but also a brand symbol. At the same time, pharmaceutical products also attach great importance to anti-counterfeiting. There are many kinds of optional materials for self-adhesive labels, such as fragile paper, anti-counterfeiting typeface labels and so on.

daily chemical products label

3.       Electronics industry

Electronic devices have now spread to every corner of our lives. The further popularization of household appliances and communication tools has made the development of the electronic industry unprecedented. Self-adhesive labels are very popular in this field, not only because they are stickable, printable and designable; more importantly, electronic products need to use labels to achieve certain effects. For example, the label has a strong texture and can work well with electrical appliances, or the label can resist the corrosion of the external environment, high temperature and so on. Several types of label materials are often used in different parts of an electrical product. Like other fields, label materials used in the electronic industry generally have relatively high requirements. Many companies have their own strict detection methods, such as viscosimetry, scratch resistance, temperature resistance and so on.

pharmaceutical label

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