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  • Kraft Paper Packaging Is Popular In The Market, A Perfect Combination Of Classic And Fashion
Kraft Paper Packaging Is Popular In The Market, A Perfect Combination Of Classic And Fashion

Kraft Paper Packaging Is Popular In The Market, A Perfect Combination Of Classic And Fashion

Kraft paper packaging rises in response to the trend, symbolizing individuality and high-end, becoming the trend of some high-end snack packaging, and being pursued by consumers.

1. Go back to basics and cater to retro trends

In recent years, quietly blowing a burst of wind restoring ancient ways, whether it is fashion industry, songs, film and television, everyone is in recall classic in succession, reappearance classic, and food industry also caters to the wind restoring ancient ways, especially the kraft packaging of casual snack industry, widely loved by consumers.

kraft paper packaging

In ancient times, people used kraft paper to wrap food directly. Now, what impresses people most is the takeaway bag of KFC and McDonald's. The brown kraft paper looks like a kind of warm nostalgia. Nowadays, many casual snacks are packed in kraft paper instead of plastic bags, which is popular among young consumers.

2. Fashion personality is closely related to consumer groups

The scalability of paper packaging material is relatively small, not affected by heat and light, has better stability;The opacity of paper can provide hidden isolation, so that some products cannot be seen from the outside of the packaging, satisfying people's curiosity about snacks;

kraft paper boxes

kraft packaging

Paper packaging materials also have good permeability, softness, strength and controllable tear performance; Paper has good elasticity and toughness, can provide a good protective effect on the packaging; Paper also has the characteristics of lightweight and variety. These characteristics meet the needs of consumers for leisure snacks, more close to the hearts of consumers, so that consumers feel more intimate.

3. Recycling follows the trend of environmental protection

Compared with plastic packaging, paper packaging is more environmentally friendly and hygienic. Today, we pay more attention to food safety and health and environmental protection concept, kraft packaging is popular is not surprising. As can be seen from the 2008 national implementation of "plastic limit order", plastic packaging is no longer suitable for the environmental protection theme of today's society, followed by the rise of paper packaging materials represented by kraft paper.

kraft paper packaging

We can thus predict that in the future packaging industry who first break through the bottleneck of raw materials who will occupy the commanding heights of the whole packaging market era, kraft paper boxes and other paper packaging will continue to shine in the packaging industry with the development of technology!


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