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  • Let The Label Become The Product "Killer", The Three Major Breakthroughs Must Be Kept In Mind
Let The Label Become The Product "Killer", The Three Major Breakthroughs Must Be Kept In Mind

Let The Label Become The Product "Killer", The Three Major Breakthroughs Must Be Kept In Mind

1. Design labels according to customer needs

In the United States, Fort Dearborn, a label company based in Elk Grove, Mich. said on the blog: Consumer spending depends on factors such as economy, interpersonal relationships, visual impact, etc., but one thing is the same: product packaging and labeling.The design is the key to determine whether consumers will buy. Years of market research have shown that external product packaging is as important as content.

custom printed labels

Research on consumers shows that one-third of product decisions are based on packaging itself. In the minds of consumers, the packaging of products is directly related to the quality of products. A package with strong brand awareness is not only easier to attract the attention of consumers, but also makes consumers think that the quality of products is as good as external packaging. Consumers usually only need 7 seconds to make a choice when shopping. If the brand wants to impress potential customers in this short 7 seconds, it must have a very good shelf effect. The product stands out.

2. Design labels through research

In general, large FMCG companies spend a lot of resources and energy on the product labeling of their own brands to conduct detailed market research. They believe that only by fully understanding the target customers and market conditions can they have a place on the global stage. Small companies may not have the funds to hire well-known market research companies, but such services can actually cost a small amount of money and still get key guidance.

customized paper labels

3. Self-made research plan

Although many companies can specialize in market research, it is not necessarily an expensive process.” We can easily plan and conduct our own research to help products determine the best labeling solution. There are many research options to choose from, and we should ask ourselves what we want from your research to determine which method is best for you.

adhesive sticker

As one of the packaging methods that carry the brand image, the label is undoubtedly extremely important. Since labels are often glued directly to the product and accompany the consumer throughout the process, each time the consumer uses the product, it is the process of establishing a connection with the brand image. Whether it is shrink sleeve label, self-adhesive label, or in-mold label, it needs to carry the brand image and interact with consumers.


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