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Recycling, Self-adhesive Waste Can Be Treated Like This!

Recycling, Self-adhesive Waste Can Be Treated Like This!

In the field of labeling, there have always been many companies with a high degree of social responsibility. They have always practiced the concept of green environmental protection, constantly optimized the use of natural resources, eliminated waste, and promoted the sustainable development of people and nature and the environment.

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At present, green environmental protection and sustainable development are global propositions.

In recent years, the Chinese government has continuously increased environmental protection supervision, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang , Shanghai and industrial parks, which have been able to clearly feel the pressure from the increase in waste disposal costs. Some companies are punished by local regulators even because of improper disposal of waste.

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Environmental pressure is forcing the industry to complete the transformation and upgrading as soon as possible.

In the field of labels, the disposal of scrap and waste produced by self-adhesive manufacturers has been plaguing many companies. It is understood that in countries such as Europe and the United States, due to the country's very strong supervision of solid waste, most manufacturers have to pay high fees to hand over the waste generated by their factories to third-party agencies.

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In the past, China's printing industry has been extensively developed, and domestic companies are mainly dealing with self-adhesive waste by burying. Landfill not only occupies a large amount of land, but also the garbage leakage will permanently contaminate groundwater resources. Therefore, this method not only does not realize the resource treatment of garbage, but also potentially harms, and will bring endless troubles to future generations. At present, many developed countries have banned landfill waste.

In the whole life cycle of self-adhesive materials, the waste generated mainly includes self-adhesive backing paper, rubberized surface material after die-cutting, rubberized surface material attached to the end product, and self-adhesive waste materials.

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In order to effectively reduce the amount of self-adhesive waste, it is first necessary to start from the source of production, reduce the overall thickness of the label by reducing the amount of bottom paper, face material or both, and improve its efficiency throughout the supply chain. To this end, on the one hand, self-adhesive enterprises can continuously develop thinner and lighter materials, on the other hand, they can actively expand the research and development of bottomless paper label technology.

Economic benefits and environmental protection do not conflict with each other, but complement each other.

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