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Self-adhesive Labeling Machine Keeps Food Labels Lasting And Does Not Fall Off

Self-adhesive Labeling Machine Keeps Food Labels Lasting And Does Not Fall Off

As we all know, product labels are mainly stickers attached to products, including text, graphics, patterns, symbols and all descriptions. Generally, product labels are attached to the outside of the product or attached to the outside of the packaging container to describe important food-related information such as date of manufacture, weight, nutrients, ingredients, shelf life, origin, barcode, method of use, and Related license numbers and more. In addition, the "Food Safety Law" and "General Standard for Labelling of Prepackaged Foods" also make relevant provisions on product labels.

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Among them, the "General Standard for Labels for Prepackaged Foods" also clearly stipulates the contents of the product labels. For example, the labels of the products are not deformed or peeled off. All contents should be clear, conspicuous and long-lasting. Do not use the size or color difference to mislead consumers. Direct or indirect suggestive language, graphics, symbols, etc. To this end, food processing companies must label them in strict accordance with the regulations, but also ensure that the labels of the products do not fall off, do not deform, and the contents of the labels should be clear, eye-catching and long-lasting.
There are feedback from buyers. Although the food labels are affixed in strict accordance with the regulations, there are often cases where the labels are deformed and peeled off. This is not conducive to consumers' access to important information related to food, but also to certain reputations and brand image. influences.

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Then, what should food processing companies do for product labels that do not fall off or deform? The industry analysts believe that it can be started from two aspects, that is, replacement of labeling equipment, such as self-adhesive labeling machine; check the reasons for equipment tilting, falling off and solve in time.
Labeling machines are an indispensable part of the modern food packaging industry. However, traditional labeling equipment has certain problems, such as positive label, high rate of damage, easy to deform and fall off labels. With the rapid advancement of labeling technology, the self-adhesive labeling machine is more and more widely used because of its strong, beautiful, bubble-free, sticky, and does not fall off on its own.

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Of course, it is necessary to consider that when the self-adhesive labeling machine is used, there will be a situation of "warping", and it is necessary to find the cause and solve it in time to prevent the food label from falling off. “Wheeling” is not a problem with the quality of the self-adhesive labeling machine. The reason may be that the label viscosity is not enough, the label material has poor ductility, and electrostatic action.
In this regard, the user should try to increase the viscosity of the label, control the temperature and strength of the labeling, and adopt the label material with good softness and ductility, as well as ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and reduce the generation of static electricity.

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With the improvement of consumption levels, people continue to have an increasing awareness of food quality and safety, and labels are increasingly attracting consumers' attention as carriers that carry information about food quality and safety. Therefore, food processing companies strictly label the products in accordance with the relevant regulations, and also ensure that the labels of the products are durable and do not fall off.

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