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Sticker Die-cutting Should Pay Attention To These Problems

Sticker Die-cutting Should Pay Attention To These Problems

Combined with the actual production problems, the following content summarizes the correct selection of adhesive materials and effectively improve the quality of die cutting several matters needing attention:

Do not use die-cutting version which has used to die-cut paper material to die-cut film material, because the blade has been worn, not suitable for die-cutting film material.

adhesive materials

When it comes to flat die-cutting, as far as possible to reduce the die-cutting area, especially die-cut small label. Because of the layout, blade, die cutting quality is difficult to ensure. There is a high probability of broken edge, off mark.

In addition, the pad needs to be changed frequently, especially after processing long version, because the cutting mark will affect the new format label die cutting quality.

die cutting

Often check die - cutting quality, especially the automatically posted labels to avoid mass quality problems. The specific inspection method is, with a signal pen to daub on the bottom paper, check the bottom paper cut mark penetration.

paper material

Die cutting large area, complex patterns of labels, we should go to professional manufacturers to make die –cutting version, so as to ensure the precision of die cutting.

To keep the blade sharp, establish a file, record the use of each die-cutting plate, in order to change the blade in time.

Use a small angle, high hardness of the special blade to die cutting film adhesive materials, especially PET materials.

Pay attention to the shape and rounded corner design of the label. Unreasonable shape design of the label will cause the edge of the paper to break, which will affect the exhaust speed and quality of the label.

adhesive materials

 In short, label printing enterprises in die cutting label products must first know the structural characteristics of adhesive label materials, choose different die- cutting methods according to the different characteristics of adhesive materials, so as to improve the quality of die cutting, reduce waste and save costs.


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