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Use of supermarket anti-theft labels

Use of supermarket anti-theft labels

The use and management of supermarket anti-theft labels:

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First, the use of soft labels and hard labels

Soft labels are suitable for products with high value, small size and high theft rate. There are three types of black, white and barcode. Hard labels, if they do not damage the goods, try to pass through the unimportant positions such as the seams of the goods. If not, you can use the ropes and accessories without affecting the appearance. The same type of goods are in the same position of the goods. . Anti-theft tags should not be placed where they can easily fall off.

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Second, the precautions when using soft labels

1. When the soft label is attached to the package of the product, be sure to keep the label straight, and do not bend it.

2. The label cannot be affixed to the place where the important explanatory text and information are printed on the product or outer packaging.

3, the label should not be attached to metal packaging and magnetic goods.

4, the label can not affect the quality of the goods, can not be placed in the liquid of food and detergent.

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The importance of anti-theft work in supermarkets is self-evident, so anti-theft labels play an important role.

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