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What are the differences of HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition in this year?

What are the differences of HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition in this year?

 When it comes to HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition,ten years have passed in a flash.Many of us are focusing on the differences of the exhibition in this year.So let's disclose what are the differences between HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition in this year and previous years.


Trend One: Innovation + Intelligence

At this year's Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Exhibition , too many companies' innovative ideas were given to the way their products were printed, or to the idea of the functional structure of their products.

Whether it is the market demand or the technology itself, as one of the  communication media, printing and packaging have also undergone many subtle changes in recent years. For example, packaging boxes that we often see, in addition to its own function of protecting and beauty, but also integrated RFID, anti-counterfeiting traceability, 3D, intelligent display, recycling and other functions, more three-dimensional, comprehensive,  creative appearance make them more impressive.

green printing

Trend Two :Green + Convergence

Global environmental awareness of consumption is growing, green is the trend, this point in the global printing industry is equally important. With the increasing demand for environmental protection products from all walks of life, the "green printing and packaging solutions" section of this exhibition continues to gather many manufacturers to promote environmental protection packaging and printing.

Green printing refers to the printing method that adopts environment-friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution in the printing process, saves resources and energy, and is easy to be recycled , and can be naturally degraded, with little impact on the ecological environment.

environmental printing ink

Trend Three: Creativity + Culture

At this year's Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Exhibition, Shanghai tobacco packaging not only displayed the high-end packaging and printing technology, but also brought cultural and creative products derived from tobacco packaging, such as the outer box design of old Shanghai style, such as cigarette + wedding candy gift set and so on. It is a feasible way to combine Shanghai culture with specific life scenes and products through packaging and printing.


Every new trend in the printing industry could be our inspiration.We will always do our best to

conform to the trend of the times and promote our products !


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