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What are the new printing processes of daily chemical sticker labels?

What are the new printing processes of daily chemical sticker labels?

The importance of innovation in modern society is self-evident. Any industry that does not innovate will be eliminated by the times and eventually withdraw from the sequence of the times. The same is true for the daily chemicals industry. The innovation of daily chemicals is mainly reflected in the label of daily chemicals. So what are the new printing processes of daily chemical sticker labels?

1.       Combination of glossy and matte processes.

In the design of daily chemical labels, the local focus and logo of the product are usually presented in the form of gloss, while the background and text function description are presented in the form of matte. Such label has clear primary and secondary, highlights and layers, so that graphic design also has a sense of three-dimensional space. For example, the design is well used in the Surge series products which are common in the market.

2.       Cat-eye technology.

By positioning the die-pressed cat eye on the aluminum film material, combining with ingenious design, and through second-degree printing, the product of graphic design can achieve 3D visual effect, while the label is actually flat without any concave and convex layers. This innovation of traditional printing technology not only improves the curiosity and purchase desire of consumers, but also greatly improves the level of products. Colgate's 360° toothpaste, for example, uses this process.

3.       Combination of aluminized material and reverse polishing process.

In fact, this process is to print two kinds of gloss oil and one kind of base oil on the graphic first, and then print the face oil (The roughness of grain is determined by the number of roller lines. The lower the number of lines, the thicker the grain is). Because the first layer of gloss oil in printing prevents the leveling property of the second layer of that, various irregular grains are formed. Products with local reverse polishing process and different combinations of gloss oils usually have prominent light and shade, especially when there are gold and silver blocks, they can produce placer gold and silver effect. At the same time, the irregular grain on the surface makes the visual effect better. When touched by hand, it can also feel the effect of grinding. It can play an anti-skid role, especially suitable for washing and nursing products.

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