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Why Are Supermarket Food Labels Most Thermal Material?

Why Are Supermarket Food Labels Most Thermal Material?

The food self-adhesive labels in supermarkets are generally thermal labels. These labels are mainly used in supermarket electronic scales and fresh food packaging.

supermarket price label

 Why are supermarket food self-adhesive labels most thermal material? Because the surface coating on the face material is in direct contact with the hot carbon head, the chemical reaction turns black due to heat, thus showing the text to be printed, simple and convenient, and economical, generally the first choice of the supermarket!

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Supermarket food thermal labels have the following characteristics:

1. Using high-quality raw materials, one-, two-, three-proof materials can be selected;

2, the label quality has reached the industry "three defenses" standard: waterproof, oil-proof, anti-wear;

3. It has the advantages of stable quality, high sensitivity, strong adhesive performance and good temperature resistance.

4, supermarket food self-adhesive labels must be non-toxic, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.

price label

supermarket price label

Thermal label printing is a chemical change, the information is difficult to store for a long time, the text on the food sticker will gradually fade over time, and it can be photographed and retained if necessary.


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