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Cosmetic Labels
  • Custom perfume bottle labels

    Custom perfume bottle labels

    Perfume labels, as a category of cosmetics labels, usually have a beautiful appearance.Because cosmetics are often faced by consumers who love beauty, they have higher requirements on cosmetics themselves. In addition, delicate labels on cosmetics bottles will attract more attention from them. Our company has many years of production experience and is outstanding in the label printing industry, we have a professional design team, advanced machines, can achieve exquisite printing.

  • soap label sticker

    soap label sticker

    Are you making homemade soaps for your family and friends? Are you a soap business looking for high-quality soap labels? Here at WRlabels, we let you customize your soap labels the way you want. Choose cut-to-size for smaller quantities cut into individual pieces. Choose them on a roll if you want different shapes such as oval, round, square or rectangle in easy-to-peel roll form.

  • Lotion Labels

    Lotion Labels

    Custom lotion labels face a variety of challenges like friction, moisture, and of course, greasy product contents. That’s why we offer a variety of beautiful yet durable label materials to ensure your labels look good before and after customers buy your product. Make your lotion stand out against the competition with custom, professional labels that impress customers.

  • Lipgloss Labels and Lipstick Stickers

    Lipgloss Labels and Lipstick Stickers

    The variety of models, colors and quality of lipsticks that exist today is incredible. In order to help users make sense of your products, we can place valuable information about your product on lipstick stickers. So, this tiny piece of paper can help consumers a lot when determining which lipstick to buy.

  • pet shampoo label

    pet shampoo label

    Clear, photographic quality label is an effective way to convey product functionality and its benefits. This pet shampoo label is printed in full color using 4-color process inks and is available in varnish for extra water protection. The custom shape of the label also complements the shampoo to create a consistent look.

  • Cosmetic label sticker

    Cosmetic label sticker

    In the beauty industry, products must stand out from other products to be successful. In the cosmetics industry, the packaging of the product needs to be as good as the product itself! Create custom cosmetic labels as eye-catching, glamorous, and high-quality as the beauty products they're being applied to.

  • Essential oil label sticker

    Essential oil label sticker

    The essential oil industry is booming. Now that you've focused on perfecting your essential oils, it's time to package it in a way that makes customers happy. As the industry grows and competition strengthens, you need to customize a beautiful, professional and durable label for your product. Winbo Rommer offers custom-made labels for oil-resistant, permanent adhesives for a wide range of essential oil bottles. We have a wide selection of high quality materials to choose from, and an experienced design team can help you create the perfect look for your custom label.

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