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Custom Label And Sticker Logo
  • Custom stickers

    Custom stickers

    Our custom stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be printed on paper, or printed on a film. You can print the company name, company logo, company contact, etc. on the logo stickers. And you can choose the quantity you want, we also support small orders.

  • Die cut stickers

    Die cut stickers

    Our die cut stickers are uniquely manufactured to be both weatherproof and scratch-resistant. This means you can stick them to any smooth surface, indoors or outside, and they will last for years to come. Use our sticker designs to make a custom logo sticker, sports sticker, or band sticker. You can even upload your own image or logo and we will detect its shape!

  • Thank you stickers

    Thank you stickers

    Thank you stickers are a beautiful way to decorate favors to show appreciation toward your guests. Streamline the process by creating personalized thank you stickers with Winbo Rommer! Let your creativity shine when you thank the sticker. Includes recipient photos, favorite animals, characters or colors. Write down the special days you celebrate, and you and your guests will remember it in the next few years.

  • Brown Kraft Labels

    Brown Kraft Labels

    Give your product creations a stylish touch with brown kraft labels. Made from eco-friendly brown Kraft paper, they will stick securely to any smooth surface including wood, glass, metal and cardboard giving a truly natural, rustic look. Available in a range of shapes and sizes in sheet or in roll, they’re great for products with an authentic look and feel.

  • Gold foil label sticker

    Gold foil label sticker

    The gold foil label sticker has any size and can be cut into a custom shape or a standard shape. Customize your design by adding your brand logo. Suitable for food and beauty packaging, or for finishing specials for stationery and gifts on special occasions.

  • Clear Label Stickers

    Clear Label Stickers

    Clear labels can really help make your product or item stand out from the rest! Especially if the surface you are labeling already has a great appearance, using the clear label makes it look even better.

  • Seal stickers

    Seal stickers

    When you make your custom packaging, the seal stickers can protect the safety of your product on the one hand, and we can print your company's logo on the seal labels, which can reflect the uniqueness of your product.

  • Logo stickers

    Logo stickers

    Custom logo stickers are an easy way to advertise your startup, business, organization or app. Sell your logo stickers, give them away to reward your fanatics, or use them to customize your product. This sticker can be used anywhere.

  • Tamper proof jar seal sticker

    Tamper proof jar seal sticker

    Printed bespoke to your requirements, jar tamper seals from Winbo Rommer can be printed on a range of papers and adhesives. Digital printing offers you competitive production short-term, multiple jobs, zero original cost options, and flexographic presses for full production operations. Tamper proof jar seal stickers are great additions to packaging. Not only do they promote product security and freshness, they can add visual interest too.

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